We wanted to reduce global carbon footprint and pollution by optimizing waste management. 2019 was an incredible year for all environmental activities. We were inspired by the acts of 17-year old Greta Thunberg and how those acts created huge ripple effects across the world. With this passion for a greener world, synchronized with our technical knowledge, we created

What it does

Using modern tech, we provide users with an easy way to identify where to sort and dispose of their waste items simply by holding it up to a camera. This application will be especially useful when permanent fixtures are erect in malls, markets, and large public locations.

How we built it

Using a flask-based backend to connect to Google Vision API, we captured images and categorized which waste categories the item belongs to. This was visualized using Reactstrap.

Challenges I ran into

  • Deployment
  • Categorization of food items using Google API
  • Setting up Dev. Environment for a brand new laptop
  • Selecting appropriate backend framework
  • Parsing image files using React
  • UI designing using Reactstrap

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • WE MADE IT! We are thrilled to create such an incredible app that would make people's lives easier while helping improve the global environment.

What I learned

  • UI is difficult
  • Picking a good tech stack is important
  • Good version control practices is crucial

What's next for

Deploying a scalable and finalized version of the product to the cloud and working with local companies to deliver this product to public places such as malls.

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