We at first weren't really sure what to build. At our last hackathon we made a game, but this time we wanted something that could be real-life applicable. So we thought about the theme of sprout, and we wanted something that would help people be green. That's where we thought of motivating people to recycle with some friendly competition, and Recycle Rewards was born.

What it does

Our Android app keeps track of how often you recycle. Users take pictures of a QR code (that we would distribute to partnering companies to put on their products) and our app tracks how many times they have recycled. There is also a social capability where you can add friends to see their stats, and there is a leaderboard capability that tracks the best recycler on the app.

How I built it

We split into a front-end, back-end, and database using firebase. Our front-end was what the app would look like on use, and was made in Android Studio. Our back end kept track of how users were added to the app, and their data stored. This was also made in Android Studio. Finally, our WIP database was made in Firebase, where we wanted to store all user data.

Challenges I ran into

We initially struggled to get the values to update once pictures were taken, but we just had to make the variable static. Also, we had difficulty getting specific APIs for specific tasks (such as scanning QR codes)

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We learned a new IDE and got more experience in mobile-app development, and our app doesn't crash!

What I learned

Android Studio and Firebase, and we need to better manage our time and resources when creating this project.

What's next for Recycle Rewards

Better social capabilities (add friends, more comprehensive leaderboard, achievements.

TEAM MEMBERS Charles Williams David Fu Yinglin Wang Scott Nelson Kene Muogbo

(in github, front-end .zip contains the app for demo, back-end zip contains code for users, firebase contains code for testing)

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