Our inspiration was the youth doesn't know the importance of recycling, so we created a game to help kids have fun while "recycling." There is a lot of garbage in our community, in the streets and in our homes, and we would like to encourage kids to recycle at an early age so there is less waste in our world.

What it does

Our game distinguishes between trash and recyclables. You earn a point for recycling plastic, paper and aluminum. You don't earn a point for recycling "trash." Keep your Recycle Bin moving to catch the trash!

How I built it

We used MIT AppInventor 2, a free logo maker and open peto transparent background.

Challenges I ran into

The game seemed simple to create and program in the planning stage. When it came time to program it in AppInventor 2, We had several challenges to overcome. The first obstacle was trying to make the objects , both the recyclables and the trash, to fall. We had to edit the graphics in an online editor to get rid of the backgrounds, and clean up our images. Getting the basket to move and look like it was "collecting,' was also difficult. It was difficult to We worked as a team and solved the task.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We were able to create the game we planned. We were able to learn AppInventor2 so that we could create other apps later. We had a Team that got along the whole time, and everyone had good ideas.

What I learned

We are:

-better with coding -better developers -able to work as a better Team -coming together everyday

What's next for Recycle It

We will make pop-up messages that give recycling tips when you reach different scoring levels. We would add more screens to show scores and accomplishments. We wanted to allow players to earn coins to be able to buy new baskets. We also wanted players to lose lives if the garbage hit the ground.

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