When dealing with your used items, knowing what’s recyclable and what isn’t is often a challenge. Different materials might need to be sorted and recycled separately. Trash placed in recycling bins decreases the efficiency of recycling centers, damages equipment, and can contaminate actual recyclables. Recycle Bun is a fun game that encourages recycling and reminds players of proper recycling procedures.

What it does

Recycle Bun is a “bullet dodge” or “barrage” game, where the player controls a responsible bunny who is trying to properly recycle different items. Ingame, items approach the player character, some recyclable and some not. The player must avoid the trash and pick up the recyclable items. The player must also switch between the appropriate bins (paper, plastic, or glass) when picking up recyclables.

How we built it

  • Game: We built this game using Unity game engine and C# scripts.
  • Website: We built the website using React for the frontend and GCP for the DevOps. We used GCP Storage to store and download the standalone desktop game files, and GCP Firebase to deploy our website which is hosted on here

Challenges we ran into

This was our first time using Unity and our first time writing any code in C# so we spent a lot of time reading tutorials and looking at examples. We ran into some trouble with managing and switching between all of the different animation sequences. It was also a little difficult to figure out the navigation between our different screens and having matching music changes to go along with it. We struggled a little bit to integrate the WebGL app with our website.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are extremely proud that we managed to create a fully functional, finished game within 48 hours with no prior experience with Unity or C#. We used no templates and created all the visual assets/animations by ourselves. Two members had worked on a text-based game before, but this was our first time working on a game like this.

What we learned

We learned a lot about Unity, from how to create animation sequences, to managing different screens, to adding corresponding audio clips. Everything we created in Recycle Bun was what we learned in the past 48 hours. This was also our first time using GCP Storage.

What's next for Recycle Bun

We’d like to create progressively harder levels and a global multiplayer leaderboard. We’d also like to give players cosmetic options for the bunny character.

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