We were frustrated with the lack of knowledge about recycling. We found that we are not alone and that in fact 1/4 of all waste items which go into recycling are non-recyclables. We conducted research and decided that the best and most engaging way to spread our findings would be to build a chatbot.

What it does

To make the experience smoother, it classifies the material of the object which the user sent us with pretrained classification neural network.

How we built it

We divided our tasks into two groups, backend and frontend. The backend focused on using Pytorch to create a machine learning classifier to classify a material. This was aided with transfer learning.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Using a convolutional neural network to classify images.

What I learned

An abundance of Pytorch :)

What's next for Recyclabot (Team 15)

Diving deeper into what the chatbot can do for increased potential impact.

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