We both had so clear that we wanted to do a videogame because of our passion for them. But at the same time we needed something not too hard because don't have too much time at the hackthon so after some tests and discussions we ended up doing this game.

What it does

Rectangles is a videogame about hitting rectangles whith your head to earn points.

How we built it

The videogame is built using Python, especialy the opencv library. It was developed using Pycharm comunity edition.

Challenges we ran into

-Sopra Steria no

-Infojobs no

-Awseducate no

-Everis no

-Itequia no

-Skyscanner no

-Ithinkupc no

-Hackupc yes

-Opentrends yes (in our project we promote healthcare on younger people and even older by exercicing with our game!)

-Servizurich yes(we designed a game based on healthcare and the player atention which is so important to not lose promoting then the full atention when millenials go through the streets)

-Vueling yes

-Thoughtworks yes(we hate obesity ratios increasing in our society, because of that we designed this game to promote physical activity!)

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of the effort that we dedicated to this project because at the start we had a lot of trouble with plenty of things but we ended up solving everything. In conclusion, we are so happy that we accomplished every goal that we settled at the start in such short time and we wanna thank every beta-tester for their opinions whose helped us through the project.

What we learned

We are really proud of our project because we have learnt a lot with it, on how to detect objects and how interact with them and all about the audio-system of python. In addittion we discovered a lot of new imports which were so useful!

What's next for Rectangles

We are so proud of Rectangles, and we are ready to keep developing and improving it.

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