To kill two birds with one stone, metaphorically of course. We decide to tackle the challenge and use the program we create for RevolutionUC.

What it does

A user inputs their GitHub name and a resume. The program then creates a profile based on their Github activity and hard-skills from their resume. This profile can then be compared with an ideal candidate of the user's specification. The user can also get local job notifications from indeed.

How we built it

Node.js, express.js, jade, npm, Redbull, and determination

Challenges we ran into

Many issues were had with Promises. There was also much wasted time on a LinkedIn API that couldn't be accessed. Many of us lacked any knowledge of Node or JavaSscript.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We made it to the "Promise"-land.

What we learned

Node.js, Express, JavaScript, Friendship, Compassion, a strong sense of impending doom

What's next for recruiter-without-the-e

Making separate clients for recruiters and students.

Built With

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