After speaking to Merit Edge representatives as well as recruiters from some of YHack's sponsors, we understood the challenges that accompany large-scale recruiting and have developed a comprehensive, scalable solution that addresses these pain-points.

What it does

RecruitBot allows recruiters to upload resumes and through a web interface, rank and filter according to their hiring preferences. Pertinent information from the resumes are parsed and stored in a database, and queries are run to extract the desired talent.

We rank and filter resumes with the following criteria:
Recruiters can change the priorities of each criteria from the web console:
University: We used US College News rankings
GPA: Allows the recruiter to set GPA filters on the web interface
Major: Allows for more effective filtering depending on required qualifications
Skill set: Filter by needed skills and technologies
Experience: Our algorithm is able to detect and rank previous work experiences based on a company's prestige

How I built it

Built using the MEAN stack, with python handling the parsing and logic.

Challenges I ran into

Since resumes are varied in their structure, a major hurdle was handling the myriad of formats and extracting needed information despite these variations.

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