We were inspired by the State Farm Challenge Problem. They challenged us to try and develop an alternate, efficient solution to try and recruit officials

What it does

This program asks the recruit questions that vary based on their answers and calculate a score to determine how appropriate the job applicant is to be recruited. Our program will be able to quickly decide which applicants are worth the employer's time to interview for a final check.

How we built it

We created a decision tree as our main framework for the project. With the decision tree, we moved through it based on the user's answer and finally reached a score that later decided whether the applicant was fit for the job and could be interviewed.

Challenges we ran into

We encountered some issues in creating the GUI using JFrame. We had to search a lot online and try to reassess our possibilities under the time constraints.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of creating a simple application that can be easily manipulated by employees and it can effectively ask questions and respond to the prospective employee's answer.

What we learned

We learned that planning is very important in order to achieve the desired solution. We understood that team-work is very important and we must work with each other's strengths.

What's next for RECRUIT_ME.nt

We will try to create a wider decision tree that can be specialized in various job fields, as we are currently just focusing on computer science jobs.

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