It was to help the injured and disabled people who requires rehabilitation to get back into their lives.

What it does

It takes the real time data of the person's movement and allows himself to perform the exercises. It also keeps track of the daily performance and personalizes the training based on his feedback. A doctor can check and evaluate patient's exercise result and prescript further exercises. Patient can check his/her motion which saved on server and correct his/her position in real time as it is easily visible on the app.

How we built it

Gathering positioning data from gyro sensor and accelerometer. Arduino send gathered data to server through bluetooth and realtime position of arms/leg/or any body parts will be processed in the server. The processed data will be send to user application and hospital to track patient's progress and vertualize user's training motion in realtime

Challenges we ran into

OpenGL implementation on Application. Gathering exact position from sensor and processing to get the exact coordinate.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Nice idea. Integration of HW and SW and gathering useful data from sensor.

What we learned

OpenGL. Bluetooth data handling in Python. Rapid Prototyping.

What's next for Recovery Motion Training

Fully functional application and cooperation with hospital and prescribable by the doctor.

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