We are making a web application to organize disaster relief.

What it does

Disaster relief organizations create tickets of events such as roles, dangers, and notices. The contents of the tickets include... 1) Ticket type (Disaster Alert, Disaster Relief) 2) Details of the ticket. 3) Priority 4) Open for Assignment (Disaster Relief Organizations can attempt to handle the contents of the ticket)

For example... Red Cross creates a ticket for an issue. The issue is that at a certain place, there is a safe to drink water shortage due to a disaster. Teams under Red Cross or any other certified disaster relief organization request to be assigned the ticket. Assigned teams or organizations can update the ticket or close it when issue is resolved.

How we built it

We are building our web application using Eclipse for Java development and running our tomcat server.

Challenges we ran into

Some challenges were that we are not very informed on the disaster recovery process. Our ticket inputs were based on what we believed to have been important.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Our ticket alert uses google maps to mark the incident area.

What we learned

We have never used technologies like tomcat and servlets before. We decided to try it out and got it working.

What's next for RecoverMe

There is a lot of room for improvement for RecoverMe. There can many options that still be implemented to improve user experience on creating disaster tickets.

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