Our team had two sources of inspiration for our project. The first is > addressing the emotional needs of people who are in hospitals and nursing homes and the second inspiration is helping to aid health workers
such as nurses and nurse's aides in having a systematic solution to be able to assist their patients or residents by knowing in advance what the individual needs. We wanted to create a simple and easy to use app that can help alleviate loneliness for those in a hospital or nursing home as well as help providers with meeting their patients' needs in an effective manner.

What it does

RecoverCom allows patients/residents to call for assistance for activities of daily living (continence needs, transferring, hygiene, etc) or other needs on their end. On the provider's end, the app will notify them of the person's request and will order multiple requests based on priority due to nurses and nurse's aides usually working with multiple people at once. Another feature of RecoverCom is that the resident or patient can video call volunteers at the given hospital or nursing home whenever they want emotional support.

How we built it

We built the app using CSS, HTML, and Javascript using Twitter
BootStrap, MongoDB for the database, and implemented WebRTC for the video calling feature.

Challenges we ran into

Some challenges we encountered were how to implement the video calling feature into the app, setting priorities for requests,
and making sure the alerts were able to be sent to a different user.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Being able to have the video calling feature to work properly and creating a priority list based on Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs.

What we learned

We as a team learned more about the needs of the elderly relating to technology which is why we kept the design as simple as possible. This knowledge helped us with keeping our design human-centered. We also learned how to implement video calling using WebRTC.

What's next for RecoverCom

We plan to improve on the functionality of the app by creating a server to improve the video calling option since at the moment it cannot call another person. We also want to work on the priority filtering function for the provider and implement sound for notification on the app. The end goal is to create a fully functioning IOS and Android app that can be utilized by any healthcare facility and the general public.

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