Working in a hospital where patients do not have access to resources that they need was the inspiration for creating this app. We have witnessed patients being turned down for rehab by insurance companies and encouraged to follow up with MAT programs. Patients can sometimes be weary of MAT since it is another drug that they have to be maintained on. These are newer medications and many patients do not have the resources or knowledge about the advantages/disadvantages of MAT drugs.

What it does

Recover Me provides easy to understand, curated, consumption of educational recovery content. Users of the app will be able to look up these side effects at any time of day. Users will be able to access, user friendly, psychoeducational materials and will be given additional website resources on where they can access more in depth materials and worksheets on a variety of topics. Users will be able to watch “Voices of Recovery” videos without leaving Recover Me app. Users will be able to provide “Hot spots” or trigger locations, that will alert them if they are in a potentially dangerous area (eg: drug dealers neighborhood) and encourages them to contact a sober support. Users will be able to track their progress of recovery, by seeing the number of sober days they have attained and will be given the option to press the “reset” button, if they do relapse. Users will be able to add reminders to their calendar such as, medication reminders, 12 step meeting reminders, Dr. or Counselor appointments, etc.

How we built it

Recover Me was built as an iOS application using Apple's new language Swift. It uses many standard classes from UIKit. Hot Spots was built using iOS MapKit and Core Location. Later we decided to add the Google Maps SDK for places searching and autocompletion. Reminders utilizes iOS EventKit and adds reminders natively to your device. Youtube video playback is done using a helper SDK provided by Google.

Challenges we ran into

Determining the most important information from all of the resources provided and figuring out how to present it in an easy to understand manner was most challenging. We also ran into some user experience issues around adding hot spot locations which is why we moved to using the Google Maps SDK for places autocompletion.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of the way our ideas prior to the contest turned into fruition. This application is something we've been talking about for the last year and it is exciting to see the final product. We are hoping that our app will be a positive resource that people in recovery can access. We are also proud that we learned new and interesting things about iOS.

What we learned

We learned more about the different types of MAT drugs and how they can be beneficial to people in recovery, if taken the right way. We learned about iOS MapKit and EventKit as well as making simple and delightful user interfaces. We also learned how to use emoji's in our UI and embed youtube video within our app.

What's next for Recover Me

We want to make accessing content even easier by adding a search bar to our checklist and resource views. We can utilize Spotlight search so users can search from their home screens for our content. We want to include a way for users to enter their official sobriety date and not have to go by date of download. We would like to keep our content as up to date as possible. We want feedback from users about what they like/dislike or other information they want to learn about in order to make this app experience as useful as possible.

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