CoronaVirus has hit societies hard. Millions of people will lose their jobs or accept mandatory partial unemployment. They must recover and repurpose in a new era by putting their real skills in action. Nobody knows their real skills apart from themselves. Job and Talent platforms are only using existing CV data. People have unlimited powers but sometimes they are not advertising them in talent platforms.

What it does

Experts interview people and propose alternative career paths with the help of Ai. Knowledge workers participate in diverse video sessions en mass. Human augmentation from other users and experts that might be able to detect patterns and experience in people will be used as a front-end for ai engine to detect additional skills and reporposing paths

How I built it

Used existing augmented video platform for contextually marking skills from interviews, added external AI pattern recognition service to detect and suggest possible career re-purposing and learning paths.

Challenges I ran into

I needed more external services integration with more video platforms. At the moment only WebRTC with Tokbox and Zoom are supported

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Minimal coding but maximum impact.

What I learned

How to revive an existing meetings augmentation service to repurpose it for maximum social impact.

What's next for

Deploy it over EU and US in anticipation of massive job losses.

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