Inspiration - I've paidA LOT in towing fines and fees in the last two weeks ...

AutoReturn and SFMTA are worse than ever. So, I wanted to "level the playing field" by allowing others to avoid citations, fees, penalties, towing charges, and the possible lose of their property!

Hence, ReCoup!

What it does It provides drivers with notices of citations as soon as a citation has been entered and stored in the cloud. It also provides information about street sweeping schedules, broken meters, and allows drivers to set alarms, timers, and even check to see if the broken meters are commercial or for Class C drivers.

Citations can be reviewed, violations checked for accuracy, paid immediately, or a payment plan set-up per citation. The app also warns drivers about the accumulation of too many tickets and the increase penalties.

Finally, drivers can contest tickets via the app and/or store evidence (e.g. photos, documents, videos, etc.) as to their alleged infraction to expedite disputes and marshall evidence which clearly show inaccuracies and discrepancies rendering citations as unenforceable and/or invalid.

How I built it

First, I attended the lighting talks and demos. However, I realized that there was only so much I could do in 24 hours. Thus, I concentrated on integrating the functionality of the API's into the design and storyboard of the app.

Challenges I ran into

Just me building the app. Pretty difficult without another. So, I got creative...

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

What I learned

You need a team to build, design, and test the app.... or a clear storyboard to explain the app. I also learned to manage my time to get the core done, embellish if possible, but produce a solid, yet simple prototype.

What's next for ReCoup

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