Gramovox - company that started with kickstarter project to have gramophone connected to bluetooth. It was great success. Following project they published on kickstarter was vertical record player which also had great success. My take is that people want to have retro feeling along with new digital twist.

What it does

Record-player-like device that will have a camera that will scan plastic record-like look 'record' QR code. This QR code will be scanned and communicate to API endpoint to retrieve the playback of the album. Then it will play on the speaker. Mobile app will offer the fans to buy their library albums vinyls-like records along with playlist vinyls-like records.

How I built it

Hardware will be planned in high-level and will be have mocks. API will be developed with javascript. Mobile app will be developed to be connected to the hardware. User will need to authenticate to Spotify.

What's next for Recordify

Develop a prototype of the hardware, pitch the idea to Spotify for partnership (?), lunch a Kickstarter project

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