Recording voice memos is useful, but how do you access a specific recording weeks later? Searching through audio is cumbersome because listening demands your time. We designed an easier UX for interacting with voice memos by generating word clouds to summarize each memo.

What it does

Take out Recorded and click "record here", and the app will start listening to your new voice journal entry. Using the Houndify API, the app live converts your speech into text. The text's keywords get fed through a backend that looks for trends in the entry, and generates a word cloud appropriate for that entry. For example, a voice journal entry about your recent trip to Disney world might create a word cloud in the shape of Mickey Mouse. Now, instead of having to listen through past voice journals to see their content, they are inspectable quickly through a visual interface.

How we built it

Recorded is an iOS app built with Swift. The back end uses Python and interfaces with the Houndify API.

Challenges we ran into

  • Our custom navigation bar required diving deep into the iOS library.
  • We developed an intuitive interface to chronologically organize journal entries.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • The word clouds tend to look slick and the colors are pleasing.

Built With

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