A mobile-first web app which provides quick and anonymous accessibility to recovery-assisting tools and resources. Solutions for insights are outlined as followed:

INSIGHT #1 - A simple “search box for side effects” that provides asynchronous results to the relevant drugs - Methadone, Buprenorphine, and Naltrexone - by which users can refer to additional information on side effects and interactions

INSIGHT #2 - A full list of SAMHSA-approved assets on education and psychoeducational materials for parenting, effects of drug use on family, etc. that can be filtered by type of resource (web, pdf, video), accessed via external link, and also shared anonymously via email

INSIGHT #3 - An approved direct link to SMART Recovery’s directory of local meetings to which users can sign up on its respective site to start and/or join local recovery meetings in varying countries

INSIGHT #4 - A one-touch trigger response button that can be opened on-demand to reveal a community generated list of coping mechanisms. Users can vote anonymously and list will rank appropriately

INSIGHT #4 - A one-touch “Motivate Me!” button that provides a randomized quote to motivate users on-demand

INSIGHT #5 - A personal calendar to store events and other information with in-app notification for upcoming events

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