Times are tough. But as we push forward, we find ways to adapt. Luckily for us, we live in a time where limitless potential lies at our fingertips. Smartphones, tablets, personal computers, they are what get us through the trying times, because they allow us to connect with others. At Reconnect, our goal is to encourage and spread this connection. Even when we’re stuck at home, there are so many opportunities to better ourselves, spend time with our loved ones, and learn new things.

What it does

Reconnect is an activity recommendation tool for remote activities including games, exercises, cooking recipes and movies/shows. It was designed specifically for people who stuck at home during the lockdown and are looking for things to do to pass the time, learn, or stay healthy.

How We built it

The front-end was built using mostly vanilla HTML, CSS, and Javascript, with some jQuery. We wanted to make it as straight-forward and user-friendly as possible. The pages are dynamic and responsive, resulting in a clean and streamlined experience.

For the back-end, we used Express Node.js and mongoDB to process the form information and return matching activities to the results page.

Challenges We ran into

Making the form display the results based on user input was the biggest challenge. While we had all the logic defined in the back-end and the database set up with all the activities, we struggled to communicate the activity results back to the front-end.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Given the time constraints of the event, we as a team are very happy with what we were able to accomplish. For some of us, it was our first hackathon and we are just glad to have created a nice-looking, (relatively) functional project! We are very proud of the design and user experience of our app especially!

What I learned

Lina: How to use JQuery and CSS animations to make the page flow nicer, and using JavaScript to combine everything together.

Kyle: After watching hours and hours of Javascript tutorials over the past few months, it was great to finally get to put some of it into practice. I learned a lot about DOM manipulation, and also had my first introduction to jQuery. I also got a brief look into the world of back-end development from my teammate Adem!

What's next for Reconnect

In the future, we would love to integrate a scheduling API, such as Google Calendar API, to allow users to schedule events with friends, family, or even strangers directly from their recommendation page. This would also allow us to collect information on what activities people are most interested in.

Additionally, automation of the activity database population would be required as our database grows.

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