Even with all the social media options we have, staying in touch with all our connections is still an impressive feat. We wanted to try to keep onto our relationships and maintain them. Why not build an app to help us do it?

What it does

The app takes a look at your recent interactions and lists some people you've talked to in the past but haven't had the chance to in a while. After selecting a person you'd like to get back in touch with, it peers into your likes, hobbies, and conversation and post history to find out what sort of topics excites both of you.

How I built it

Flask back-end equipped with a REST API to work with our React and Flux front-end. To analyse users' interests, we used Indico's API.

Challenges I ran into

Learning how to use Flux was quite challenging. It was unlike frameworks we were used to. The REST API calls also gave us a lot of headaches. Additionally, the browser caches some things that made things a lot more frustrating.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We were about to give up using Flux midway through the hack, however we stuck to our guns and after a long chat with one of the Facebook booth helpers, we were able to set up our Flux framework and get a basic prototype going.

What I learned

I learned that there is no God. Also React and Flux are pretty cool. Definitely a win for simply making a working application with these new frameworks.

What's next for ReConnect

We hope to reconnect with our mothers since we will most likely be moving back in to our homes if this is the quality of apps we will be producing in the near future. We'll definitely need more time to work on this idea.

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