Every person has lots of connections around him which include family members, friends and colleagues. Connection count increases when people attend different universities and functions all around the world. Staying connected with friends always become a problem because each friend has different time schedule. Moreover issue rises when multiple people/friends want to do conference. Same kind of issue arises in company when scheduling meeting and inviting speaker for functions. Lots of human work hours get wasted in keeping track of different timings and issue rises furthermore while keeping track of different time zones. Everyone has experienced once this issue.

What it does

ReConnect app takes care of meeting people by considering their time schedules. You just need to enter your free timings and rest leave on ReConnect ! :) Was it not simple ? ;)

How we built it

We used python and flask to expose our rest api, in this way anyone on any platform can run our services. We used our REST API to make frontend in HTML, CSS, JQuery. We also buillt Echo skill set which can just speak out your probable meetings when you come back home from work :)

Challenges we ran into

1.How to take each friends time into consideration? 2.JavaScript AJAX calls for REST API 3.Flask cross header problems 4.Echo connecting to local network for development purpose 5.Calling services for echo

Accomplishments that we're proud of

1.Exploring REST 2.Our Web Interface 3.Echo skill set (Echo App)

What we learned

We learned a lot past 1day, its like ton of information in a single night. Python, Flask, JavaScript, AJAX, REST, Amazon Echo, Amazon Alexa, AWS, BootStrap

What's next for ReConnect !

Integrating dates with Alexa application and launching iOS and Android app based on our REST services.

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