I watch movies and t.v. shows just like everyone. I always search for similar movies or t.v. shows when a movie or t. v. show clicks to me. Hence, this unending cycle sparked an idea in my mind, What if everyone can search for similar movies and t.v. shows they like on alexa?

What it does

Recommend Me, suggests you similar movies and t. v. shows just by naming a movie or t. v. show you like or have watched earlier.

How I built it

  • I used Alexa Skills kit to build it's intent schema, Amazon web services specifically lambda functions to host and write logic for Recommend me.
  • Then I built my logic with the help of node.js as my programming backend, and used TMDb API for fetching data about movies and t. v. shows.

Challenges I ran into

The challenges i stumbled upon were :

  • Logic for fetching similar movies and t.v. shows.
  • Amazon skill submission as this was my first time submitting a skill, and i had to fix some of my intents to handle user inputs.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Publishing an Alexa skill successfully for all English speaking countries. Eased my life for searching movies and t.v. shows to watch just by asking Alexa.

What I learned

I learned and explored Amazon Web Services, especially Lambda and CloudWatch (for debugging purposes).

What's next for Recommend Me

I want to make Recommend me a One Stop Solution for everyone to get their recommendations. I'm currently working on few more recommendation features to integrate in Recommend Me, you can help me decide which one should I focus on :

  1. Songs
  2. Books

You can comment down below or here is a POLL Link for it too.

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