The problem we are trying to solve

At the moment, the main challenge in keeping this COVID19 crisis under control is identifying the virus symptoms fast and quarantine and isolation monitoring of potentially infected patients, in order to help reduce the spread of the virus, while also offering a large number of people the necessary medical guidance and care.

Thus, we have taken on the challenge of offering online medical triage and medical guidance and assistance to people across borders, by connecting them with doctors in the RecoMedica platform. Our objective is to help patients take the optimal medical action and guide them towards the best match for doctors and healthcare centers, by:

  • Identifying people who start to show symptoms of Covid 19
  • Prioritizing them for testing of COVID19
  • Quarantine and isolation monitoring
  • Offering them medical triage and assistance

We want to stop the spread of the virus, by reducing the need for in person contact of patients and doctors, while also helping patients receive fast and relevant medical assistance. Currently, over 50% of the people who go to the emergency room, don't have a real medical emergency. Also, over 45 Million people die each year because they don't have quick medical access. Online medical care access is becoming vital in preventing more casualties and offering fast assistance to people in need beyond borders and in isolated environments.

The First Medical Frontier (Online)

Monitoring The patients who are in isolation are required to fill in forms once or two times/day for fever, nausea, breathing difficulties and other specific Covid-19 symptoms. The ones that are identified by the system and the doctors as having a relevant risk are prioritised for testing of COVID19. =>

1.Positive Test = Necessary measures according to each case 2.Negative Test = Standard monitoring

Remote Medical Assistance and Triage Patients who require a different kind of medical care are evaluated and informed with regard to the medical actions that need to be taken. The patients’ condition can be either handled at home, or a check up in a medical unit may be required and suggested.

Our Partners

  1. From home - through daily monitoring by parameters of the patients that are in isolation, family doctors can anticipate/identify faster the cases that present Covid-19 symptoms and indicate the appropriate medical actions. With the help of online medical triage, we help and educate patients that have non-urgent medical issues, we offer medical certificates and guide the patients to the appropriate medical center, in case of a higher urgency level.

  2. On the field - 3 medical staff from each hospital/clinic/medical institution that share in real time the level of availability for each location.

Impact calculation

A medical request can be evaluated by a doctor in 2-3 minutes. With just 1,000 doctors in our platform, we can manage the medical triage for over 100,000 cases per day. With the same resources, we can offer medical monitoring to over 500,000 patients per day. But, we can do much more, once we get more doctors in our platform and promote our solution to the people in need.

1 Medical staff/shift => 3 x 600 hospitals = 1,800 medical staff nationwide

The Process

A The patient simply completes his profile and provides details about the isolation situation and relevant files (if needed). 1.We can identify the patient's medical doctor or we assign a doctor from our database. The patient's personal family doctor is also able to send the invitation to register on the platform, for a safer and more efficient medical monitoring. => We analyse the medical parameters of the patient on a daily basis. The platform sends an alert to the medic if the parameters have abnormal values. => We identify the cases that appear to have a higher risk of Covid-19 and help them take action according to the parameters/symptoms.

B The patient sends a medical request online for other medical issues. The request can be filled in in 2 minutes. => One of the doctors online will pick up the request and review it. He will then performs the triage, guide or inform the patient regarding the correct medical actions. => The patient will receive the medical recommendations in order to takes actions accordingly. =>The request will be closed.

We have

-90 % of the infrastructure DONE! -Over 200 doctors that use and understand the platform. We have taken into consideration a lot of feedback from the medical community as well, in order to develop a solution that meets both the patients' and the doctors' needs. -An international team prepared to administrate the system and to handle the situation

We Need

Financial and advisory support for the first 60-90 days (depending on the impact that we want) Partnerships with Governments to establish the protocols regarding the medical informations


In 5 days: The entire system is active 5,000+ registered medical staff Connecting and monitoring the hospitals/clinics/medical units Program Launch

During the weekend

  • Finish the Development and Go Online (In the first hour we got 100 people in Isolation Monitoring)
  • VideoPitch
  • Presentation of Solution
  • Discussions with Mentors
  • Onboarding 30 Doctors

Please try our platform right away! The English version is also available.

PS: We started the project by trying to fill up a gap in the Romanian Healthcare System.

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