We've all had to sit in that one lecture and not retained a thing afterwards. Having dealt with this ourselves on multiple occasions, we present to you the perfect lecture buddy - Recollecture. Whether you become lost in a lecture because it's boring or because the professor moves too quickly for you to take proper notes, this note-taking web-application is here to help you get through it!

What it does

Recollecture provides speech-to-text transcription in real-time, making sure you don't miss anything your professor says. Simply hit the record button and watch as text fills your screen but that’s not all! It also detects frequently repeated words, allows you to take your own bullet-point notes and features 'HelpBot,' a Chatbot that can answer any questions you may have about the lecture! Sometimes we're afraid to ask a question in class in front of everyone and Chatbot is here to meet that need!

How we built it

Speech-to-text transcription and counting frequently repeated words were made possible with the Microsoft Azure API. The chatbot was built in Dialogflow and is connected to slack. The front-end was developed in ReactJS with Bootstrap while the back-end was developed in Python.

Challenges we ran into

It was our first time using the Microsoft Azure API and React. Aside from learning new technologies, we faced the challenge of piecing our project together in the end as we had assigned each member to investigate and build different features of the application. There was also a problem with using the Microsoft web chat bot, forcing us to switch to Dialogflow

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The chatbot took a long time to get up and running so that was pretty cool! We can't express how relieved and ecstatic we were when it worked!

What we learned

It was exciting to learn new technologies but overall, one of the biggest takeaways had to have been leaving the laptop and taking breaks from time to time. Also, when we were lost with how to implement something with Microsoft Azure's API, the staff were helpful and gave us a tiny nudge to get us moving again!

What's next for Recollecture

Some thoughts are to train AI to turn the transcription into a summary and/or integrate handwriting analysis for notes that are written on whiteboards during ideations (also helpful for graphs)!

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