This app is to help high schoolers transition from online to inperson school. As a freshman, I had no clue how I was ever going to get to class. High school was intimidating enough, and on top of that, I had to navigate my way through a location that could qualify as a maze. The maps were images of a 2D drawing of the school, which was difficult to imagine. With COVID and online school, the rising sophomore, incoming freshman, and new students will have no clue where to go as they had only been to school online, creating an even larger population of students not knowing where to go before the dawn of a new school day. Additionally, there is also a lot of tension to manage assignments in those pesky paper planners, so this is a useful app to transition from online to inperson school as it helps with organization on your phone. This helps retain and transition in person.

What it does

I made "Recollect", an app which helps record the possible routes a freshman and new incoming student might need to get to their class. The app also helps record classes and their specific tests, notes, and homework assignments. Most homework tracking apps on the app store are quite outdated with the UI/UE. My current homework tracker is very simply a web app my school provides, however, there is very limited customization for assignments, no ability to track tests, and no place to record the location of the classroom.

How we built it

I made the wireframe for this app using figma. Then, I transitioned to using an app making platform: Android Studio.

Challenges we ran into

I had difficulties using the Android Emulator using Xamarin forms, so I switched to using Android Studio. I still had difficulty as the emulator was still not working. After some trouble shooting, the emulator just works very slow. This significantly slowed my transition to Figma to coding.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I am proud of being able to make a cohesive theme targeted towards highschoolers who mostly are aquantied to a dark theme, and still keeping a color pallete. I was also excited that the emulator was somewhat working.

What I learned

I had very little knowledge on how to use android studio as the last time I used it was two years ago. I wanted to relearn this platform and also include a better UI.

What's next for Recollect

I need to keep troubling shooting my emulator and then switch to using Xamarin forms so that I can cater to IOS users. I will need to start marketing this app so that students can use it. The best way to do so would be tik tok because it has my target audience of teens and because tik tok is free for advertising and easy to gain traction. To upload this app to the playstore, it is free. However, to upload this app to the apple store, I need to collect a tentative $99.00. Therefore, I would need some funding to launch the app to the retailing platforms.

Behind the Name

Recollect means to remember, which is the aim of the app - I created this to help students like me remember certain assingments, tests, and locations. Additionally, I selected this name because it incluses the suffix of "collect," which is just a complex pun for remembering the assignments that are going to be collected

credits to Awesome Fonts for their icons.

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