Recollect (for the family caregiver)

Recollect is a mobile (tablet) application that acts as an elegant photo frame and a way to capture any memories shared by family members. Recollect works cross-platform, and integrates with Facebook to connect family together, and make them available with a tap.

The Story

My mother takes care of Dementia patients at her nursing home, and often tells me stories from work. While most of them tragically involving slips and falls, there was one particular story that hit me: a story about how a patient complained all-day about her family not visiting her. The sad truth of this story was that her daughter is very caring and visits regularly. She simply forgot the recent weekend visit, and is complaining while feeling lonely and hurt.

My app, while it may not cure Dementia, simply aims to fill the blankness of a patient's heart by reminding them of their family who can't see them everyday. It aims to be a stale piece of furniture that does quietly provides hope and comfort, but could also be useful to capture more moments, like the next time she spends time with her daughter.

Made with tons of sleep-deprivation by Arshan Alam and David Song

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