Participating in Hack Girl Summer gave us the chance to explore one of its partnered tracks of gender equality in the field of technology. As girls in the tech field, we have faced many problems finding opportunities to grow and flourish in our chosen careers. Hence, with the idea of reCogX we wanted to reach out to as many people as possible.

What it does

Our team at reCogX aims to help people find their true calling and opportunities that help them build their careers. We give special attention to women and underrepresented groups who often find it tough to have workplace equality. We connect them to focussed communities where they can connect and help out others who might face the same problems.

Our site gives you a tailored experience at a job search on the basis of your resume. It gives job listings of companies registered under RecogX, which are women-led. Hence, we find the best opportunities that you deserve.

We also present you with Clara, reCogX’s virtual assistant which will make your experience with the app very smooth and comfortable. From FAQs to small talk, Clara is your personal assistant in your career’s journey.

How we built it

We have come up with an iOS App and Web App for the usage of the user. Web App front-end is made using reactJS and back-end using node.js. The iOS app is built with swift. We have used google cloud services like dialogflow to power Clara, reCogX's virtual assistant, and documentAI to parse the resume. The WebApp and iOS app are linked to a firebase database to incorporate all functionality. Job opportunities are searched on the basis of skills through web-scraping data from the net.

Challenges we ran into

A project like this has many features that can be implemented, but need more time to do so. Our parser API (documentAI by Google Cloud Platform) is free and opensource, which has a lot of limitations and is not as powerful as other paid APIs.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

Our team has worked tirelessly over the weekend to build this project and are extremely proud of our accomplishments. We managed to deploy a fully-functioning chatbot (Clara by reCogX), used a basic document OCR to extract skills from a PDF Resume, and also provide a platform for companies to post job listings, by using GCP services. And all these functionalities were wrapped up in a web app as well as an iOS app.

What we learned

One of the most important things we've learned during this project is utilizing GCP services. We have worked with Firebase, Jobs API, DocumentAI and Dialogflow in our app. Other than that we learned how to integrate each feature developed by individuals and putting out a complete product as a team.

What's next for ReCogX

We wish to take this to the next level. Approach women-led companies and underrepresented communities to post job listings on our platform, and promote this culture. We want to work on improving this product further - by making our parser AI more powerful to study topics other than job skills, making job search easier. In futures scope of the project, we plan to introduce a mentor system where a user can get tailored advice on improving his/her resume.

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