With climate change being such a looming issue, we wanted to create an app that encourages people to be more conscious of their daily impact on the environment.

This app tracks the daily waste habits of a user with the purpose of making them aware of the impact they have on the environment through showing the difference they are making by recycling. It tracks their input over time, and compares data from previous days, weeks, months, and years to show their improvement over time.

We used HTML, CSS and JavaScript on the frontend, and ran Flask on the backend. The app was hosted on app engine. We used a database to store user input then redirect that input back to the web app.

There were challenges using databases and connecting frontend to backend, as well as figuring out the google APIs.

We are all new hackers, and we made a lot of progress on a complex app, learning a lot in the process.

We learned there is a lot of planning involved in application/web development. Everything we used in the process of developing this app was generally new, so we learned brand new skills.

For RecMe in the future, we would continue to develop it into a social app in which the user is able to compare their progress with that of friends. Also, we would improve the graphics of the application overall if given more time.

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