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ReClapp makes sustainability fun by uniting it with education and connectivity. ReClapp helps you recycle your trash, learn about how to reuse materials, and share your DIYs to inspire others. All while earning points through challenges in the quest to become a sustainability master.

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In Brazil, of all the trash produced, 30% has the potential to be repurposed, but only 3% actually is. The improper disposal of this waste ends up in rivers and, consequently, the ocean, as well as improvised landfills that impact public health. Nature is suffering a lot due to the amount of waste produced and its improper disposal, and we suffer along with it. Thus, we need better education on how to properly dispose waste, where to find recycling centers, and ways to reuse or repurpose that waste so it doesn't end up in our rivers.

What it does

ReClapp is a recycling app that reduces improper disposal and promotes the reuse and repurposing of waste in a fun way. People can share their knowledge with tips on how to properly dispose trash, they can share a diy to repurpose a material, and create eco challenges for others to try out. Doing eco challenges and sharing these tips gives you ecopoints which count towards your city, country, and global rank. You can share with friends and create an eco-mpetition. It's also possible to post ”announcements” if you accept waste to repurpose or reuse, like using cooked oil for soap making. With the search feature, you can look up a certain type of waste and see all the tips and announcements people have made about it.

How we built it

We researched the problems faced by our region in regards to waste disposal and some statistics. We brainstormed some of our own problems we've had in the past. Then, we used everything we learned, specially the 7 Rs of Sustainability to create a project we believe could solve all those problems we found out.

Challenges we ran into

The biggest challenge was how to fit the ReClapp parts together, figuring out the best flow for the users and how the app can be most helpful.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of many things about ReClapp, like its simple yet beautiful design. But our main achievement was to figure out a way that unites many exploration areas to tackle the reduction of waste production and of the environmental impact caused by it.

What we learned

We mostly learned about sustainability and recycling. Working in this project made us want to be more conscious of our waste and figure out how to implement the

What's next for ReClapp

We think ReClapp is a good place to advertise eco-friendly products as we want to expand the app to other countries and regions as well. We would also like to form partnerships with several municipalities so that they can include information on how waste disposal is done in each city, if there are recycling programs or incentives.

Built With

  • figma
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