It's no secret that the tech industry struggles with diversity and inclusion. Our site is here to help combat the harmful stereotypes that make tech feel unwelcome to some.

What it does

It is a site that highlights past and present techies, helping to create the norm that anyone can be in tech and that there are a variety of opportunities within tech.

How we built it

It currently only exists in my mind, but I plan to build it with React!

Challenges we ran into

I mainly ran into time challenges as I have another deadline that is taking my time right now.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I'm super proud of the different logos I've created so far. And I have purchased the domain!

What we learned

I learned a ton at all the Pearl Hacks workshops! I also have pushed my comfort zone by drawing an octocat and designing the logo!

What's next for Reclaiming Tech

I am actually going to build out the pages and connect with amazing people in tech! :)

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