We wanted to create a form of disruption into the manual routine of auditing receipts, through introducing a mobile based application that automates the reviewing practice.

What it does

Reckerd converts the prices and the items on a receipt into a digital record. From which, the app audits the user's collection of receipts and tracks and analyzes his/her spending habits.

How we built it

We split the task into 3 parts, the image processing, mobile portal, and the backend. The mobile side sends a photo to the image processing component which is scanned for words. These words are then sorted to match columns and rows for their position and roles (item name, price). This is then sent to the mobile front-end for confirmation and stored in the DB through back end API call.

Challenges we ran into

We could not run python scripts on our backend and therefore could not connect our components together, we eneded up making another server to act as an inbetween communicator

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Successfully delivered a product within 36 hours that aims to solve a real world application.
  • Met new friends and expanded our networks.
  • Expanded our portfolio and skills through implementing new frameworks, languages, and apis to our projects.
  • Overcame challenges through collaboration among teammates and research.

What we learned

Nothing is easy, every thing screw you over when you think you have it in the bag

What's next for Reckerd

What next for Reckard: One idea for Reckard is for it to start acting like a monitor system. For example, after an extended time of use, Reckard may notify the user of unhealthy spending habits, perhaps someone frequently spending $400 on restaurants per week.

Another direction in mind is a more powerful data extracti method. Currently, Reckard takes 1 picture and tries its best to process the information but, a better way may be a live stream which first looks for a clear picture and captures that moment to process data. This would save the user from retaking failed photos and provides Reckard higher quality photos for itself.on

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