These days many students have a fear of public speaking, which ultimately becomes a big hurdle in their overall growth, being it academically or socially. I want to help students to overcome this fear and bring out the best in them.

What it does

Recitify helps students by analyzing their speech, and work on their weaknesses. The app lets the users know what specific words or words they pronounced incorrectly, also the app tells the users their WPM(Words Per Minute) speed so that they can work upon the pace accordingly.

How I built it

I build the android application using Flutter and VScode IDE. I used speech_to_text to get the input from the users, and after that using dart I code the logic to show the required outputs. Also, I used the carousel_slider to improve the UI of the App.

Challenges we ran into

The major challenge that I had was to create a logic to accurately analyze the users' input and accordingly show output using the calculations based on the input.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Accomplishments that I'm proud of is that the algorithm I designed to get the set of mispronounced words, works perfectly fine as it should.

What we learned

I learned a lot about UI designing using dart, also implementing speech_to_text was great learning for me.

What's next for Recitify

Once I'm able to understand flutter better, my goal is to integrate Recitify on IOS operating systems. Also one of the other major goals is to add more text analyses to Recitify, to further help students with their public speaking weaknesses.

Built With

  • carousel-slider
  • flutter
  • speech-to-text
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