When I was looking for hackathon to participate in, I found SharkHacks and I recalled the news that I have read and the idea that I had a few years ago. The news mentioned many sharks were killed every year because of shark finning, which is a huge torture for sharks - they were thrown back to the ocean and dead slowly as their fins were cut. Therefore, I have an idea to make an installation to

What it does

A meditation space for the user to have a peaceful moment while releasing the souls of sharks.

How we built it

I use Fusion360 to do the mechanism, design and motion simulation. Arduino is used for control the servo motors.

Challenges we ran into

The limited time on creating a 3D model, and I am not able to print that out for demonstration, which results in 3D simulation only.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The integration of cultures and daily usage is shown in the design.

What we learned

Design in a limited time is the biggest challenge but pushed me to work fast and think fast. Although the idea and final output is not perfectly done, I learnt to develop a project with a very clear plan in the beginning.

What's next for Recitation of Sharks

I am going to revise the model, including the mechanism and designd, so as to make it into a workable and usable meditation tool for people and memorial place for sharks.

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