My wife told me about having hard time to explain what kind of food she wants to cook for the dinner to my mom, who doesn't speak in English. I just decided to solve this problem.

What it does

Built a web/mobile SPA that combines beautiful pictures with recipes from more than 200,000 food options. You can filter recipes by the ingredients you have on hand, implement your own recipe inventory, shopping lists for the week based on the recipes you choose and share your favorite recipes with others.

► Created an advanced search engine powered by Edamam API ► Utilized user interface and displayed ingredients amount data visualization using ChartJS ► Used Youtube API for video searching and built S3 interface for saving food images ► Implemented Socket.IO interface to share recipes and send messages through chat

How I built it

I used React in the front-end and kept states in Redux. Node/Express to build the back-end. Implemented Massive interface to connect server with Heroku.

Challenges I ran into

It was hard to sort out the nutrition data from Edamam API because depends on the recipe the data wasn't consistent. However, I was able to get the accurate data using Underscore template.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  1. Awerded by Best technical app
  2. I finished all the features that I want
  3. The search engine is super powerful and it has advanced searching features as well.
  4. My mentors told my classmates that this app is a bigger than most of group projects.

What I learned

How to implement SPA powered by third party API like Edamam and Youtube.

What's next for Recipyst

Planning to code it in React-Native and publish it in app-store.

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