Have you ever opened your fridge to find a bunch of ingredients and no idea what to cook?With Recipic, we’ve experienced that and wanted to create a solution to easily take the ingredients in your fridge and find a suitable recipe based on your available ingredients. Using image recognition, our app provides a list of recipes matching your available ingredients to make your cooking experience easier, whether it be a simple 4 am snack or meal prep for the next week ahead.

What it does

Performs image recognition on images of ingredients and allows users to identify recipes that work with the ingredients they have.

How we built it

Uses clarifai for image classification and a recipe API to find recipes. Website hosted and powered by Firebase for user authentication, login, and data storage. XHR is used to query APIs.

Challenges we ran into

We weren't able to get the Firebase redirect for login to work on mobile. However, it works fine in Chrome Desktop. Further troubleshooting is required to solve this.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're proud of being able to assemble the user interface and data management in such a small amount of time. We never anticipated that we would be able to do complete the project while still meeting all of our aesthetic design targets.

What we learned

Tools like Firebase can greatly simplify development of web applications, but it can be challenging to get them to work the same on all platforms. We also learned that it takes quite a while to debug and test applications especially for mobile devices and computers; the phrase "write once, debug everywhere" definitely holds true.

What's next for Recipic

If we had more time we'd probably add more integration with nutritional platforms to allow users to track and gain insight into analytics relating to their food. Furthermore, improvment of the model we use to train the classifier would enable us to remove or simplify the confirmation dialog, reducing user friction, Additionally, we could work on creating dynamic recipes with more fun features like dynamic ingredient scaling and substitution.

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