As university students, we have limited cooking knowledge and groceries. Because of this, we wanted something that can provide us with simple recipes with anything we have in the fridge! So, we came up with RecipEZ, as we believe this can help other students and culinary novices alike!

What it does

In order to be able to get recipes just from showing the camera our ingredients available we used machine learning to identify food items and then provide recipes from 2 million curated options. It displays the food identified as well as the recipes.

How we built it

TensorFlow models. React front-end. Node.js and Python backend. Web camera.

Challenges I ran into

Learning all of the programs. Connecting the two React Apps. We tried so many different ways to connect them, including Flask.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We're proud that we came in with nothing and were able to learn many new skills on the spot to create an application that is sleek and very useful.

What I learned

Time management in a Hackathon environment. How to use TensorFlow, Python, MySQL, API, JavaScript

What's next for RecipEZ

For the immediate future we want to streamline it and make sure all the components are able to work together. We also want to provide a more appealing design. Also we want to provide more details for the recipes such as pictures and descriptions.

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