We wanted to create something new using the Pebble watch and some new SDK's. We also wanted to delve into the Wolfram api's to create something new and useful.

What it does

View all sorts of recipes on your iPhone and send one off to your Pebble smartwatch. While cooking, there is no need to return to your iPhone, simply flick your wrist to view the next step in the recipe!

How we built it

Split into tasks, we individually handled the creation of a server, communication with the Pebble smartwatch, data model, and frontend design. We used WolframAlpha's API to get nutritional information about ingredients included in recipes. We used Mashape's API in order to obtain recipes and ingredients. We created our own backend server to handle caching with Wolfram Alpha's API in order to diminish the number of API requests served. Finally, we used CloudPebble to host and test our Pebble app, and firebase to help link the Pebble App with the iOS version.

Challenges we ran into

  • Interacting with the WolframAlpha API
  • Connecting pebble watch to iPhone
  • Asynchronous requests to endpoints
  • Caching

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • iPhone design
  • Wrist motion gesture recognition
  • Cross-platform communication

What we learned

  • Pebble SDK
  • Wolfram SDK
  • Sketch 3
  • Firebase

What's next for RecipEZ

  • Polish and submit to App store
  • Apple Watch companion
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