Can't decide what to eat?

Well, take the THYME out of deciding with RecipeThyme! Just take a picture of all the ingredients you have, and RecipeThyme will deliver amazing, delicious recipes to you!

Technologies & APIs

It took a lot more than some fruit and a camera function to get this application up and running. The APIs and technologies used in the making of RecipeThyme include HTML, JavaScript, Cascading Style Sheet, Python, Flask, WebRTC, Clarifai, Google-Cloud Platform, and lastly the Recipe Puppy API.

Development Decisions

We got the idea for RecipeThyme after hearing about the Clarifai API during the opening ceremony. Clarifai is the key ingredient in our backend code that handles the identification of foods in pictures and returns the food names along with a confidence value for each.

Recipe Puppy is the API we decided on for searching for recipes simply because of it's vast selection and simplicity. This gives the users of RecipeThyme plenty of options when it's thyme to decide on their meal.

We also decided to develop RecipeThyme as a web app for ease of use and general availability. This allows for a great experience on all platforms.

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