The inspiration for this idea was the challenge of building something that actually worked for my first hackathon! We were inspired to learn a new language and put it to the test through the course of this weekend!

What it does

Our website gives users a choice between three continents to choose and multiple categories of food options from each ones with links to recipes that are easy but delicious when made!

How I built it

It was built by me and my 3 other team members. We all worked around the clock as this was new for all of us. It was built using html, css and javascript to make it look aesthetically pleasing, run smoothly, and make cool buttons!


Best Domain registered with

We submit the domain as we believe this is a clever name that rhymes and is very easy to remember, as well as a name that incorporates the theme of this weekends hackathon!

Beginner Challenge

my team is being submitted for this challenge as we are all beginners and have never been to a hackathon! This means that we were the exact definition of what you guys wanted for this weekend; New programmers who wanted to have fun and learn. We did all that and more as we learned along the way but also realized just how awesome the Comp Sci community is.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I'm proud of how much we learned in such a short amount of time and how effectively we were able to put that to use. I'm also proud of all the completed little road blocks we approached along the way that made us feel like we weren't meant to program until we overcame and fixed the errors!

What I learned

My team and I learned to never doubt yourself, as well as keep learning no matter what is happening. We learned a lot of HTML and CSS as well as just begging to learning JS as well.

What's next for Recipes4Rookies

Whats next for our project is incorporating a database, to fill in files as well as adding a login and create your own recipe function!

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