We realized that many people in America are unable to afford to eat food each day. This includes college students, who can't buy new ingredients for food, and may not know what to make. 1 in 6 kids in America goes to sleep hungry each night, and often, it is because food is not being used. We wanted to alleviate this social problem by allowing more people to eat underutilized food. The goal of this app is to encourage sustainability, and help people create nutritious recipes out of the limited food they may have. :)

What it does

With our app, you submit a link to an imgur album of pictures of food in your fridge. Our app utilizes the Google Cloud Vision API to determine what food you have in your fridge, and then compares it to a list of common recipes using We output potential possible recipes that you could create from your food, allowing you to utilize all the food you have.

How we built it

Our app utilizes imgur, imguralbum, the Google Cloud Vision API, Flask, HTML5/CSS, and Python. It was made using Flask as our web framework, and lots of Awake chocolates!

Challenges we ran into

At first, we found it very difficult to work with Flask, as we are all new to working with Python, and webapps as a whole. We had to learn everything from scratch, but we were able to learn how to create a proper webapp. We found it quite difficult to scrape data about common ingredients at some points, but eventually, we succeeded.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We learned Python, Flask, and how to make HTML webapps look good with HTML5, and were able to create a successful webapp that works well. We are proud that we could learn and adapt so quickly.

What we learned

We learned how to work as a team by using Git. A majority of our team has never collaborated on code on any projects, used GitHub, or Python. We successfully learned how to integrate HTML5, CSS, and Python, to create a beautiful web app.

What's next for Recipes, Sensibly

We hope to allow for direct user upload of images straight to the website. Additionally, we want to display calories/other fitness data to allow for better consumption. We also hope to improve the usage of the Google Cloud Vision API to make results more specific and more accurate.

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