After learning about Wegmans API, I was inspired to create an app that would let people easily add items to their card and order them.

This app does the following:

Uses wegmans API to get a list of recipes Let's users add a recipe to their schedule, on any day of the week/month Let's a user click on a recipe to see its ingredients, and then add these ingredients to carts Let's a user view their whole cart, remove items, and then request a driver After entering zip code, users can see the closest wegmans, using wegmans api and google maps api and how much it would cost for an uber driver to get them, user uber api. Users can view individual recipes and see the instructions, preperation times, ingredients, etc... Best of all, it has some Progressive Web App functionality. Users can see their carts and recipes on their calendar when they are offline or have bad internet connection.

What I learned: How to use Wegmans, Uber, and google api. I also learned alot about service workers and progressive web applications

Challenges: Figuring out service workers and some components of the api

What's next: Make the design of the web app better, let users print or share a specific recipe. Cache the whole site, precache the site, and allow for push notifications to be sent. Figure out some bugs.

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