A coworker of mine was suprised to discover that he could not eat grapefruit while taking a statin based drug, and was lucky that it caught his eye as its an occasional fruit he eats. Drug to drug interactions are more well known to people and pharmacists, but drug to food interactions has very little public recognition, even though the consequences can be just as dire.

What it does

The program will allow a user to sign up, insert a list of their medicines they are currently taking and cross check them against a scraped database for food interactions and recipes of their choice from Also it uses OpenCV with the help of Google Cloud Vision to take prescription labels and take out menus and identify the words of interest and allow the user to verify it read it correctly.

How I built it

This program was built as a web application in Flask and uses requests and beautiful soup to interact with outside databases, and was collaborated on with my 2 team members over git. Also OpenCV was used to read the labels

Challenges I ran into

As we were all different levels of experience and I was the only one knowing Flask I had to essentially teach everyone how to use it, and set up the development environment. There was also a lot of issues with Git that led to people overwriting each others work and losing some work entirely.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We got it to scrape from a website that was not built for data extraction, and that we had put in secure user authentication in from the get go. Also that we were able to get the OpenCV portion working before anything else.

What I learned

Flask is a very hands off library, it will make you do everything yourself. So while it's very nice that its light weight, you feel like you're reinventing the wheel a little bit more than other things like Laravel.

What's next for RecipeRx

Have a slicker UI and try to make an android app for easier portable access. Add OCR to the android app so that users may be able to have it read restaurant menu ingredients to see they are okay to eat.

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