Inspiration: We were thinking of ideas to do in relation to COVID 19 and started thinking about how we could use the theme of food to support this relevant theme and started thinking of how people have to go to the grocery store doing the pandemic so why not alleviate their stress by giving them a list of easy dishes they can make with the supplies in front of them?

What it does: Essentially Reciper takes a list of ingredients that the user has in their household and shows the user a lot of options of recipes they can use in their household which will include ingredients, an image, instructions and the amount of calories. Our app also has a social good cause where on our page on the button donate it uses a google maps API to essentially take the users ZIP CODE and shows them the nearest food banks they can donate to!

How I built it: We used HTML and CSS for the front end to build the UI of the web app and used Python and Pycharm for the backend to build the functionalities of the web app.

Challenges I ran into: We ran into challenges with allowing the search bar to type an item as well as displaying multiple recipes through the users inputted list of ingredients. Another one was how to connect Python files to HTML and CSS files as well as managing our time in a convienent manner.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of: This is some of our first Hackathon's as well as experiences creating a web application.

What I learned: One of our team members learned what front and backend development means and how to use classes in python. Another learned how to create a search bar and connect HTML and CSS pages to eachother to create one fully working UI Web app.

What's next for Reciper: What's next for reciper is to include a part on the web app that can be a foodie community where when we add an authentication system users can talk to other users about the recipes they found through the app and even add their own while highlighting key ingredients so that next time someone searches those set of ingredients they will see the new recipe they added. Also the profile will be able to store the amount of calories the user had that specific day and can be used to track a users healthiness and wellbeing.

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