Ever started cooking just to realize you’re missing one crucial ingredient? RecipeFinder aims to eliminate that problem.

What it does

RecipeFinder is a web app that provides you with the top trending recipes based on solely the ingredients you have.

How we built it

RecipeFinder is built through Google App Engine in Java and uses Objectify to store results in the Google Datastore. It queries data from the food2fork API and provides you with the title and link to the recipe as well as an image of the food.

Challenges we ran into

Version control and working between Eclipse and IntelliJ was surprisingly difficult to deal with. Additionally, because the whole team has different backgrounds and experiences, while the brainstorming turned out to be efficient and relatively quick, finding a common implementation method was difficult.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Our team interned together this summer at the same company but it was very neat being able to actually code and collaborate together! We learned so much about app dev and APIs within this short span of 24 hours and want to continue working on this web app.

What we learned

APIs are so incredibly useful and convenient. We want to look into more APIs in the future and see what we can do with them!

What's next for RecipeFinder

We want to integrate Google Vision and expand to mobile app dev so users can retrieve recipes based on photos they take of their ingredients.

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