We have always considered the difficulty it has been when trying to cook something and we forget one of the key ingredients to our recipe. How easy it would be if we can ask an IoT device to simply bring the recipe to us in a fast and complete way. There are also been cases when we try to go shopping and we buy certain ingredients in excess. We wanted to create something to simply our lives when it came to the culinary arts. We wanted to bring the best shopping experiences to people while saving them money.

What it does

Foodie is a simple application integrated onto Alexa that allows people to view the ingredients of their favorite foods. "How does it bring you this information?" you might ask. Well you can ask Alexa to text the ingredients straight to your phone, or if your sitting in front of a computer screen Alexa will pull up the ingredients straight onto Foodie's website with a simple voice command. You can also create and delete a shopping list of your favorite foods' ingredients so whenever your in the mood to go shopping you'll have the list of things you needed to buy.

How we built it

We used AWS to create the lambda function and the online Alexa skills kit to create an Alexa skill. We then used Twilio API to integrate the SMS/Texting recipes to phones. Then online web creation was done in HTML and CSS. We used Node.JS to utilize all the API's. The API's include Edamam for the food ingredients and recipes, Twilio API for the text messaging.

Challenges we ran into

This is the first time we tried working Amazon Alexa, and many features, such as pitch recognition and voice recognition takes us a lot of effort to implement. Learning the lambda function and integrating this main function with the recipe and twilio API was not easy. The backend where we were hosting all the data, which held all the recipe information was difficult to get the step by step instructions for the foods.

What's next for Foodie

Integration with step by step instruction told be Alexa to walk someone through a whole cook of the their favorite dishes.

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