What most inspired this project was the fact that we are planning on going to college, and in college, it can be notoriously difficult to find healthy, delicious food when the dining hall isn't available. We also don't have recipes on hand, so a feature that would create recipes based on what YOU have would be incredibly helpful. It could also be very helpful for those in financially difficult situations, as they can find meals that suit their current situation.

What it does

You can input the different ingredients that you have, and the program will return recipes from the database with the same ingredients. It will list the recipes in order of which ingredients fully match up with what they input.

How we built it

We did full stack development and split into two groups, one for the client side and one for the server side. The server side created the mongoDB database and sent data from there to the client server. The client side worked a lot with HTML and CSS to make it user friendly.

Challenges we ran into

Server Side coding was incredibly difficult. Because we are not as familiar with these programs, it was difficult to get a grasp on how different languages worked. We not only faced the language barrier, but each language had its own restrictions of what it can and cannot do, and because they changed so vastly from each other, finding solutions proved to be difficult.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're proud of attempting a full stack project because we don't have much experience and it's our first time making a project as complex as this. All of us are proud of the amount of information and coding that we've learned (ex. learning MongoDB, learning HTML).

What we learned

We learned a lot of new things. We ran into many challenges. We are very proud because learned 2 new coding languages, different methods of development, server side coding, and more.

What's next for RecipEasy

In the future, we want to make our program more brought and expand the database. We would also implement an algorithm to sort recipes in order from most relevant to least relevant and return those closer to the top. More restraints and fields such as dietary restrictions, cook time, and difficulty would also be added .

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