Living off campus and no longer having a meal plan can be tough. We've both always loved to experiment with new recipes, but when you have to plan every meal you eat, it can be overwhelming to build a grocery list.

What it does

If you are on a recipe page, and the chrome extension is clicked, a drop down menu appears with the ingredients mentioned in the recipe. You can check any ingredients you need to buy, and they are pushed to your grocery list. The recipe url is sent to your planner, where you can choose when you are eating these meals.

How we built it

For the extension, we had to parse the html of the page and find the ingredients, and then use that to build an array of dictionaries of the amount, unit, and ingredient. Then, that array is pushed to the server where it is saved to the list, combining ingredients that are already seen in the list by adding the two amounts.

Challenges we ran into

Not every recipe website is the same- were able to scrape from most major recipe websites, but unfortunately the "food blog" websites could not be scraped by our original method.

What's next for Recipe

  • Improving aesthetics
  • Building the weekly planner interface
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