I have a knack for cooking but often we, non-professional chefs often make small mistakes which brings down the flavour of our dishes. Thus, I tried to create a project which would help people by providing important tips. It can be upgraded to something more complex where people could connect with each other and add tips by themselves, helping a community grow and unifying people with same interests.

What it does

It provides tips for dishes, has a good UI, it is responsive application. Has lots of room for improvements.

How I built it

I used visual studio editor to write the codes from scratch. Being solo participant I had to do all the edits of pictures, gathering content , front-end and the UI.

Challenges I ran into

I faced many bugs which took more time than expected to fix , with help from online resources.I tried to embed an API, faced an issue, so couldn't use it.

Accomplishments that I am proud of

I consider myself a beginner as I am new to web development, still building this project and making it presentable is an achievement itself.

What I have learned

I have learned how to use objects more efficiently. I also came across features of javascript which I didn't know before.

What's next for Recipe Tips Hub

Recipe Tips Hub has a huge scope for lots of work and features in it, which would make it a successful full-stack application. Will update and improve it in the future for sure!

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