Lucas & Leah are two friends who love to bake. It's been what has gotten them through quarantine, and so they wanted to make something intriguing and unique that hadn't been done with recipes before. They love coding, which led to the idea of recipe roulette.

What it does

This program takes three user inputted ingredients, calculates the probability that they occur in conjunction, and spits back a recipe (with proportional amounts too!) that could plausibly taste good together. According to computers, which obviously don't have the best taste buds.

How I built it

We used python first to find all the available domains on allrecipes to take the information off of. Then they were converted into dictionaries and send to the javascript code. The website is hosted through

Challenges I ran into

Taking the formatted data was a nightmare. I learned to make sure that something can be infinitely scaled up before adding thousands of lines of code. In fact, we weren't able to finish because of this, so the current prototype that is up is with fake ingredients and ratios, but the algorithm works properly.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We're really proud of the data collection, as thousands of recipes were analyzed and formatted into a file type that would fit with javascript. Also, there is a pretty sweet algorithm going that makes the recipe work properly and makes sure all ingredients have a high enough connectivity to each other that I'm pretty proud of.

What I learned

Leah learned just how difficult it was to work with large amounts of data in javascript, and Lucas learned in detail about machine learning and data collection.

What's next for Recipe Roulette

We want to link it with the data properly, so it is generating accurate recipes! I'd guess we're just about two hours short of it, so it should be updated soon, check back for more :) Also, scaling it for computers other than my own.....

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