Every year, Americans alone waste over 60 million tons of food. That's enough for more than 130 million meals that goes in the trash simply because people don't know what to cook. Some existing recipe apps exist, but there are no free apps that offer a convenient user interface as well as a way to sort recipes by their constituent ingredients.

What it does

Recipe Maker is an online repository where users can store and share their favorite recipes. Recipe maker allows users to search recipes by ingredient so that there's always something to make using only ingredients from the pantry. This allows users to use up ingredients that may be nearing their expiration date, as well as get inspiration to cook healthy meals every day.

How we built it

RecipeMaker was built using an SQLite backend, a javascript frontend produced using Svelte, and a Flask API tying the whole app together.

Challenges we ran into

Nobody on our team was very familiar with frontend development, and only one had experience writing and working with APIs in this context. It took a lot of research and troubleshooting to build out our svelte template and come up with a way to render our recipe content for users. We also had issues getting the sort by ingredient to work correctly, something in our API is having trouble returning multiple items, and we didn't have time to troubleshoot this during the hackathon.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

First working app produced by our team, and we have a version of the app up and running with most of the core features. Writing our own API was a big accomplishment for us, as well as using svelte to help render our web content.

What we learned

We learned a lot about writing APIs and frontend web developmen, both techniques that worked and also some dead ends not to pursue in the future. All of us are coming away from DubHacks with more skills than we came with, and look forward to expanding on the project more in our free time.

What's next for Recipe Maker

Recipe Maker needs to be fully feature complete, with the sort by ingredient being our only remaining functionality to implement. As we had issues with the API, a logical next step would be implementing a better search structure, possibly leveraging something like elasticSearch to make the app more scalable as well.

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